Highly Recommended by Heule Reining Horses


Heule Reining Horses endorses quality products that we have tested, used and believe in. We would like to thank the following companies for keeping our horses sound in body and mind by creating superior products for the true equine athlete. 


Team Excel Supplements!  HRH training horses have benefited and loyally use Excel Supplements for the entire barn.  Excel is a producer of unique nutritional supplements for horses. The products provide an extraordinary combination of omega 3, 6, 9 and other nutritional components. They are particularly rich in omega 3 essential fatty acid content as well as in vitamin E, phytosterols, polyphenols and triterpenes that supports muscle, joint health, circulation and overall well being.


Hubert is a proud sponsored Equiprovet rider, and a representative for the company in the United States.  Equiprovet is a well-established wholesaler of veterinary products. Focus areas are curing and prevention of joint and tendon problems. Equiprovet supplies and advises leading veterinarians all over the world and pride themselves on selling high quality and reliable products and giving trustworthy advice to clients.  It is important that vets and their clients can rely on the purity and efficacy of the products they use. These products are human grade. Equiprovet offers stabilized cross linked hyaluronic acids are unique in terms of efficiency, molecular weight and price/quality ratio. Equiprovet’s most popular products are the: 

  • Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acids 
  • Bisphosphonates

Many times Equiprovet can offer the key to solving lameness issues based on experience in the international industry, and its intensive and rewarding cooperation with some of the leading European vets, universities and institutes.  If you are looking for a therapeutic solution for a difficult problem, please contact Hubert.


Hidez ICE compression socks are an essential tool for Heule Reining Horses and are in use daily.  The ice socks offer the benefits of compression and cold therapy.  The ICE Socks have ice pockets that allow you to apply cold therapy to the legs and joints without spending thousands of dollars on machines. Fill the pockets with ice and zip on the horse’s legs to offer cold therapy and compression  anywhere, even while hauling.

The Hidez Compression Socks feature heavy duty zippers and durable, wide Velcro that hold the socks in place. The socks start above the knee and hocks, and just above the hoof. The socks offer compression as well as protection to the horses when healing from cuts, scraps, and scratches. The socks can also be used to cover liniments and ointments while compression the legs to reduce swelling and tying up.

Jim Taylor Custom Saddles

At HRH we love our Jim Taylor Custom Saddles. They fit riders and horses so comfortably and withstand the daily wear and tear of training. Jim Taylor Saddles are absolutely top quality with great care and detail from the basic materials to all handmade features and have the ascetics we are looking for in the show pen.  With the ability to customize Jim Taylor uses only Herman Oak #1 grade leather, real sheepskin wool skirt liners, the finest seat leathers, therapeutic memory foam seats, and all stainless steel hardware.

Euro-Horse Western Supplies

For over 20 years Euro-Horse has shared their passion for the Western sport with its customers. Distinctive in the field of knowledge, innovations and high quality products, they strive for the perfect fit. They get their ultimate satisfaction from the creation of the perfect match between horse and rider.